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Welcome to the home of k.g. frey studios -- a woman-owned, boutique design firm specializing in creating digital content for mission-driven leaders. I offer an array of design, writing, and communications services that seek to engage audiences of all demographics through the use of unique digital design strategies.


The goal of k.g. frey studios is to create and design content that is engaging to people of all ages. It is imperative that mission-driven leaders use seamless graphics, websites, social media designs, and more to catch viewers' attention. If this sounds like something you or your organization may be interested in, click the 'contact' button below to set up a free consultation. 

core values


I dedicate my time and energy into designing content that is rooted in empathy and inclusivity.


I commit to designing content that is available to people of all abilities.


I seek to continuously  better my craft through new and innovative strategies.


I aim to better my community by working with impassioned and inclusive folks.  


I love designing meaningful, effective, and engaging content for all clients.

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